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CFOne Frequently Asked Questions

The CFOne card is required to shop online at

Log-in to with CFOne
You should have recently received an email from CFOne titled “CFOne Card Activation Details”. The new CFOne password you created from this email for the CF Appreciation website, is also used to shop on If your password doesn’t work yet, please continue to shop as a Guest or contact us at 1-877-441-6161

What is the CFOne card?
The CFOne card is the one card you need to access programs and services delivered by Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services. The CFOne card consolidates the functions of several cards into a single card.  It easily and accurately confirms your membership within the Canadian military community of one million strong and provides you with access to both the CANEX Rewards Program (the program that rewards you for shopping at CANEX) and the CF Appreciation Program (the official discount program of the Canadian Armed Forces community).  In the future, it will also be the one card to access PSP programs and services, messes, specialty interest activities and more.

The CFOne card replaces the CANEX ClubXTra card and the CF Appreciation card. Although the CFOne merges the cards, please note that the CANEX and CF Appreciation program are still separate entities.


Where can I use my CFOne card?

  • CF Appreciation: The CF Appreciation Program grows daily to include thousands of industry partners at locations locally, nationally and internationally.  Whether planning a vacation, shopping for a new car, or just looking for an evening on the town, CF Appreciation offers will help you have fun for less.  Visit Click on the discounts menu option and choose the category of interest.  You can search locally and nationally for the goods and services provider of your choice.
  • CANEX Rewards: CANEX Rewards has been enhanced with revised point accrual and redemption levels, in-store point redemption, point balance printed on receipts, interactivity and online access to your account information and much more.  Visit for complete program details, promotions, and to learn more today!
  • PSP - Coming Soon (2014): PSP departments at your Base and Wing offers innovative programming, access to state of the art facilities and so much more.  The CFOne card soon will be your and your family’s key to health, wellness and leisure activities.  Visit to see how you can benefit today.


Is the CFOne card a valid ID?
Your CFOne card is not a valid identification card, rather it is a means for service providers to recognize you as a member of the military community.  You may be required to present valid photo identification, but the CFOne card already demonstrates your affiliation with the CAF.


Where can I go to get supporting information to be used for validation?
Please visit to obtain service records used in the validation process. Other forms of acceptable information for the validation process include a copy of, your record of service card, your service certificate, discharge papers, a pension statement or any written correspondence with the CAF or veterans affairs.


I am related to a CAF Community member, does that make me eligible for the program?
If you are a spouse or a dependant of a CAF Community member you are eligible to participate in the program. Immediate family is defined as spouse and/or any dependants under the age of 21.  If the child is a full-time student, they will be eligible until the age of 25.


I don’t have any record of my service, what can I do?
For information on obtaining service records please visit


Will my personal information be shared, or sold?
All information gathered and collected by CFOne will be kept confidential and will not be sold, or shared with any external organization. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

I have moved how do I update my address and contact information? 
You may update your address and contact information by simply contacting the CFOne Membership office by email at or by phone at 1-855-245-0330 #6.  Make sure to provide your CFOne card number, old and new address, and first and last name.

How do I login?
1.  I am attempting to login to CANEX using my CFOne Card  Please visit and also note that the document you received with your CFOne card contains the PIN # required to login.

2.  I am attempting to login to CFOne  The ‘Login’ link on the CFOne page is for employees of CFMWS, if you are attempting to login to CANEX to see and manage your points, please visit  Please note that the document you received with your CFOne card contained the PIN # required to login. If you no longer have your PIN information, please contact the CFOne Membership office.

3.  I am attempting to login to CF Appreciation  There is no login required for the CF appreciation program. Please visit


I received my CFOne card, how do I login, what’s the PIN for, how can I transfer my Club XTra points?
Once you have received your new CFOne card, you will need to activate a new CANEX Rewards account or link your old Club XTra account. When you visit the CANEX Rewards website  you will enter your CFOne number in the “account number” field and then 1609 in the password field. Then, you will be asked to enter your Club XTra number, your points will be transferred to your CFOne card. You can also transfer your points by visiting your CANEX store or by calling the CANEX Rewards office at 1-877-748-8230.
Please note that the CFOne card does not require you to log on or create a profile on the CFOne or CFMWS website. The purpose of the CANEX Rewards profile is simply to view and manage your CANEX Rewards points.

I was a CF Appreciation Program member, do I need to register or will I get the CFOne card automatically?
cards have been mailed to all CF Appreciation program cardholders.  Old cards will be deactivated and should be destroyed.  If you have not yet received your CFOne card please contact the CFOne membership office at 1-855-245-0330 #6.

Where do I find discounts offered by the CF Appreciation program?
Visit Click on the discounts menu option and choose the category of interest.  You can search locally and nationally for the goods and services provider of your choice.

How do I register my spouse or dependants?
Click here to register your spouse and eligible dependants. Please make sure to choose the appropriate Family of... category at Step 1.
You can also print and submit the registration form by mail.  If you are unable to print, please contact the CFOne Membership office by
email or by phone at 1-855-245-0330 #6 and we'll gladly send you the registration form by mail.


What is CFMWS?
Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) is responsible for administering Non-Public Property (NPP) on behalf of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) and for delivering selected public morale and welfare programs, services, and activities to eligible members on behalf of the Chief of Military Personnel (CMP).



Welcome to, Canada’s Military Store!

As a proud division of the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, CANEX has developed this exclusive shopping website to better serve the retail needs of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Community.

By clicking here, you confirm that you are a member of the Canadian Armed Forces or part of the extended CAF community.


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Pick up at the store is only available if all items contained in your order are in stock at the same store location. Either select “Delivery” to complete your order with all of the items or place separate orders for items to be picked up at the store.

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