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Home Heating Program

 Home energy you can count on every day of the year!

As a proud supporter of members of the CAF community and their families we are offering you a savings of 8¢ per litre directly off your home heating propane or oil.

Thank you for your service; now let us serve you!


If your home is heated with Oil or Propane here is a special invitation to join the thousands of satisfied customers in the CANEX Home Heating Program. As a program member, you will save on the regular delivered price of home heating oil and propane*.

Click here and complete the online referral form to start the process. Once your eligibility is confirmed, your local CANEX Home Heating Provider will contact you to answer questions and discuss your home heating requirements.


If you have questions regarding the program, please contact CANEX Headquarters at our toll free number: 1-877-441-6161

The CANEX Home Heating Program is not available in all regions of Canada.


*Propane is now available in select areas of Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the main fuel provider for the CANEX Home Heating Program?

The following brands support the CANEX Home Heating Program: Ultramar, Columbia Fuels, Bluewave Energy, Island Petroleum and Sparlings.

What is the CANEX Home Heating Program discount?

All CANEX Home Heating Program customers save 8 cents per liter directly off their purchase.

Why will we not receive our rebate cheques each July in the mail?

Eliminating the rebate cheque allows us to simplify the process, and allow our members to save instantly on their fuel purchase instead of waiting for the summer to receive the rebate.

CANEX has ended the partnership with the following suppliers:

  • ROSEBUSH FUELS ( serving Trenton)
  • MELVIN PARSONS (serving Gander )
  • GOSSELIN FUELS ( serving Bagotville, Valcartier & Montreal)
  • TAYLOR FUELS ( serving Gagetown)

Will my current provider still offer a discount even though the partnership with CANEX has ended?

We encourage all members to reach out directly to their supplier to explore options.  CANEX has ended the relationship and cannot comment of suppliers discount offers. 

Can we switch over to Ultramar, Columbia Fuels, Bluewave Energy, Island Petroleum or Sparlings if they have service in our area?

Absolutely. Members can always re-apply on the Home Heating website.  We can then determine if they have service available in your area.

How do I know if the CANEX Home Heating Program services my area?

Simply submit an application, and one of our agents will confirm if you live in a serviceable area.

How long will it take to get a response after application?

It typically takes 2 weeks to receive a response.

How often can I expect fuel deliveries? Is there a specific schedule or can I request deliveries as needed?

You can choose to place your fuel deliveries as you need to; or you can choose Automatic delivery. Automatic delivery customers have their tanks monitored by [fuel brand] and receive deliveries when you need them. Deliveries schedules are based on current weather conditions and past usage. 

*Customers need to be credit-approved for Will Call delivery (with terms) or Automatic Delivery

Do they offer emergency fuel deliveries in case I run out unexpectedly during colder months?

Yes. Emergency service is available to all customers.

Do they provide tank installation for new customers?

If you purchase a new oil tank from [fuel brand] installation is included. However, most customers already have a tank in place. Your oil tank needs to be inspected before you can receive a delivery.

How can I reach your customer support? Is there a dedicated helpline for urgent issues?

Columbia Fuels
See ColumbiaFuels.com/locations for your local branch or email ColumbiaFuels@parkland.ca

Bluewave Energy
See BluewaveEnergy.ca/locations for your local branch or email BluewaveEnergy@Parkland.ca

See Sparlings.com/locations for your local branch or email Sparlings@Parkland.ca

Island Petroleum
See IslandPetro.ca/locations for your local Summerside or Charlottetown branch or email IslandPetro@parkland.ca

1-888-468-3888 or Ultramar.ATL@parkand.ca


1-800-214-2468 or chauffageultramar@parkland.ca


1-800-267-3501 or Ultramar.ON@parkland.ca

Can I read reviews or testimonials from existing customers who have used their heating services?

You can find us on Facebook by brand.


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