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CANEX Rewards Program® Terms and Conditions


1. The CANEX Rewards Program (the “Program”) is available at CANEX and can be accessed with the CFOne card.



2. To participate in the CANEX Rewards Program, a customer must become a Member of the Program. Membership is absolutely free and no initial purchase is required. Customers can register to become a CANEX Rewards Member by applying for a CFOne card online at www.CF1FC.ca. The Member will receive their CFOne Card at the mailing address within 5-10 days after their eligibility is verified. For purchases made prior to obtaining their CFOne card, the Member can contact the Member Customer Service Centre at service@cfmws.com or 1-877-441-6161 (toll-free) with their store receipt(s) to activate points from purchase(s) made within the last 60 days from the purchase date(s). Members must hold a valid CFOne card in order to participate in this program.

3. Only one CANEX Rewards Account/CFOne Card is available per customer.

4. The CFOne Card is not a credit card. The CFOne Card is the property of CFMWS and CFMWS may discontinue the CFOne Card at anytime or discontinue an associated program without advance notice.

5. Each CANEX Rewards Member (sometimes referred to as a “Member”) will be issued a CFOne Card that has a unique number ascribed to it and is registered in the Member’s name. CANEX Rewards Members cannot share their account number and account information with anyone else. Account information, including, but not limited to, the CANEX Rewards account password and security questions should be protected and kept secure.

6. CANEX Rewards Members must advise CANEX immediately of any changes of Personal Information (as hereinafter defined) including name, address, telephone numbers and email address either by updating the Member’s information via CFOne by visiting https://www.cafconnection.ca/National/Programs-Services/CFOne/Manage-Your-Profile/Update-Your-Contact-Info.aspx or by contacting the Member Customer Service Centre at service@cfmws.com or 1-877-441-6161 (toll-free).  If CANEX believes that some of its records are inaccurate, it may contact the CANEX Rewards Member to verify its records. CANEX reserves the right to cancel any CANEX Rewards Account for which it has incomplete or inaccurate Personal Information and all CANEX Rewards Points redemptions on that account may be blocked. The submission of false or fictitious personal Information will result in all the CANEX Rewards Points accumulated on an account being forfeited.

7. CANEX reserves the right to refuse issuance of a CANEX Rewards Account to any customer who does not follow the prescribed enrollment procedures.

8. Customers participating in the Program must present their personal valid CFOne Card or digital CFOne Card to collect points and earn rewards. Any unauthorized reproduction of the CFOne Card may lead to legal prosecution and forfeiture of all CANEX Rewards Points and membership in the Program.

9. CANEX reserves the right to limit CANEX Rewards Points awarded with respect to any offer or promotion to reasonable household quantities. If a CANEX Rewards Member was awarded points for an offer or promotion in which a Member purchased product in excess of reasonable household quantities, the CANEX Rewards Points awarded as a result of that offer or promotion may be forfeited without prior notice.



10. To collect CANEX Rewards Points following enrolment, a CANEX Rewards Member must make eligible purchases at participating stores or at CANEX.ca using their personal valid CFOne Card. The Member’s personal CFOne Card or digital CFOne Card must be presented to the cashier at a participating store before the purchase transaction is completed. If the Member has forgotten their CFOne Card, the Member can claim missing points for purchases made within the last 60 days by contacting the Member Customer Service Centre at service@cfmws.com or 1-877-441-6161 (toll-free) and by providing proof of purchase.

11. CANEX Rewards Points will be awarded at the rate of 1 CANEX Rewards Point for every one dollar ($1) spent on each qualifying purchase at participating stores or at CANEX.ca. CANEX Rewards Points will be calculated by reference to the net (purchase price less discounts) pre-tax total of each receipt. The total CANEX Rewards Points awarded and reflected on the receipt will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar spent. CANEX may offer special promotions from time to time offering additional CANEX Rewards Points on certain products. Such CANEX Rewards Bonus Points, once awarded, shall form part of the Member’s accumulated CANEX Rewards Points through their CFOne Card.

12. CANEX Rewards Points will not be issued respecting the purchase of the following items/services: any cigarettes and tobacco products (where sold), lottery tickets, bus tickets, bus passes, alcohol, beer or wine, phone cards, gift cards and prepaid card products, CANEX- branded gift cards, third-party gift cards, CANEX Credit Plan payments (where accepted), delivery charges (where applicable), eco fees, levies, bottle deposit/returns (where accepted), gift with purchases, charitable donations, provincial taxes, federal taxes, harmonized taxes, stamps, postal services and merchandise, garbage tags, event tickets, the CANEX Rewards Points redemption portion of a transaction, admin fees, tire recycling fees, Gasoline (only applicable for regular points earning and not applicable for promotional points offers), and any other items specified as exclusions from time to time or where prohibited by law. CANEX Rewards Points will be awarded when a CANEX Rewards Member pays for a purchase with a gift card. However, the Member will not be awarded CANEX Rewards Bonus Points if they use a gift card to purchase another gift card or gift cards and, in the event that CANEX Rewards Bonus Points are inadvertently awarded, CANEX reserves the right at any time to revoke these points without notice. CANEX reserves the right to add or delete items eligible for CANEX Rewards Points’ issuance at any time, at its sole discretion, without notice.

13. All CANEX Rewards Points are shown on the receipt for each in-store purchase when a CFOne Card is presented before the completion of the purchase transaction. In the event of technical failure, the cashier will collect the customer’s data and forward this to Member Customer Service to update points balance.The Member can also check their CANEX Rewards points balance online by logging in to CANEX.CA.

14. On a return and/or exchange the associated CANEX Rewards Points will be deducted automatically from the CFOne Member’s card number that was used for the original purchase (whether or not the CFOne Card is presented at the time of return and/or exchange). For full detail on the qualification of returns and/or exchanges refer to the CANEX Return Policy.

15. All CANEX Rewards Points totals, as shown on the receipt(s), will be deemed correct unless otherwise substantiated by the Member by bringing forward evidence satisfactory to CANEX in its sole discretion. Discrepancies must be addressed with the Member Customer Service Centre at service@cfmws.com or 1-877-441-6161 (toll-free) within 60 days of the date on which the discrepancy occurred. CANEX reserves the right to restrict redemption or put a “hold” on CANEX Rewards Points for up to 45 days from the date points are posted to an account.

16. Subject to Section 20 herein, CANEX Rewards Points are transferable from one CANEX Rewards Member to another, in conjunction with the “Transfer your Points” program, or other special points transfer promotions offered by CANEX from time to time. However, this is allowable under the condition that the recipient of points transferred is a member him/herself and holds a valid CFOne Card. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CANEX reserves the right to limit the transfers from a CANEX Rewards account.

17. CANEX Rewards Points are reduced to zero upon closure of a CANEX Rewards Membership.

18. Upon the death of a CANEX Rewards Member, the Member’s account will be closed and any CANEX Rewards Points in the account will be forfeited. Subject to verification, a family member that holds a valid CFOne Card has up to 1 year (from the date of death) to request the transfer of the deceased CANEX Rewards member’s Points. CANEX Rewards Points are not divisible in the case of divorce/separation.

19. Should any CANEX Rewards Member not earn or redeem CANEX Rewards Points for 24 consecutive calendar months or longer, the membership will be deemed to be inactive and all accumulated CANEX Rewards Points will be forfeited and expired. At that time the CFOne Card/CANEX Rewards Points balance may be reduced to zero at CANEX’s sole discretion. The Member is still eligible to earn or redeem CANEX Rewards points with a valid CFOne Card following points expiry. The exception to recover forfeited accumulated points due to an inactive account status is if the CANEX Rewards Member has been deployed on-duty outside of Canada for more than 24 consecutive calendar months where the member was not able to earn or redeem eligible CANEX Rewards Points in-store or online. The recovery of forfeited points may be considered only through an email request submitted by the CANEX Rewards Member account holder to the Member Customer Service Centre at service@cfmws.com. CANEX Rewards Points may be reimbursed at CANEX’s sole discretion.



20. (a) CANEX Rewards Points may be redeemed for a purchase at participating stores in accordance with the following CANEX Rewards Points redemption schedule below:

Points redemption on CANEX.CA is not available at this time.

Reward Level Reward Value Points Required to Redeem
1 $10 800 points
2 $20 1,600 points
3 $30 2,400 points
4 $40 3,200 points
5 $50 4,000 points
6 $80 6,400 points
7 $100 8,000 points


From time to time, special promotions may be run during which one or more redemption level(s) may temporarily be altered and/or suspended, new redemption levels added or points may be redeemed directly towards the purchase of specific products or services.
Promotions may vary between participating stores and/or online at CANEX.ca.

(b) CANEX may, from time to time, offer supplementary programs or promotions related to the CANEX Rewards Program (“Related Programs”). Such Related Programs may be governed by additional or distinct terms and conditions applicable therein, such terms to be made available at: www.CANEX.ca

21. In accordance with Federal and Provincial tax legislation (GST, PST, HST and any other applicable taxes), taxes are calculated and payable by the CANEX Rewards Member on the full amount of the purchase price before any reduction is made from redeemed rewards points used.

22. A Member’s CANEX Rewards Points balance will be reduced by the number of points required to obtain the desired point redemption level. Unredeemed CANEX Rewards Points plus any CANEX Rewards Points earned in the current transaction will remain in the Member’s CANEX Rewards Points account and can be applied to a subsequent transaction.

23. CANEX Rewards Points can only be redeemed if the required points redemption level is reached prior to the redemption transaction.

24. When redeeming CANEX Rewards Points, CANEX will automatically select the maximum eligible CANEX Rewards Points redemption level available. Alternatively, the CANEX Rewards Member may select a different eligible redemption level by informing the cashier prior to redemption of CANEX Rewards Points. In either case, the CANEX Rewards Member’s account under their CFOne Card number must have the appropriate number of CANEX Rewards Points. For example, if the Member has accumulated 3,000 CANEX Rewards Points, the maximum qualifying redemption level available is 2,400 CANEX Rewards Points. However, the Member may elect to redeem only 800 Points on a $30.00 transaction; in this case the reduction off the purchase price will be $10.00 Alternatively the member may elect to use their 2,400 pts on the $30.00 purchase, making it FREE (plus applicable taxes).

25. CANEX Rewards Points may not be redeemed towards the purchase of the following products/services: any cigarettes and tobacco products (where sold), lottery tickets, bus tickets, bus passes, alcohol, beer or wine, phone cards, gift cards and prepaid card products, third-party gift cards, garbage tags, event tickets, delivery charges and any other items specified as exclusions from time to time or where prohibited by law. CANEX reserves the right to add or delete products and services eligible for CANEX Rewards Points redemption at any time, at its sole discretion, without notice.

26. CANEX Rewards Points may not be collected or redeemed by any person other than the named CANEX Rewards Member. CANEX Rewards Members may be required to provide proof of identity when redeeming CANEX Rewards Points to protect the integrity of the Member’s Points balance. Each CANEX Rewards Member is responsible to ensure that all Personal Information is correct and up-to-date and CANEX reserves the right to block redemptions where the CANEX Rewards Member information is inaccurate or incomplete.

27. In case of a lost CFOne Card, members are required to contact the Member Customer Service Centre at CF1FC@cfmws.com or 1-855-245-0330. Based on the time the CFOne Card is reported lost or stolen, the accumulated unredeemed CANEX Rewards Points balance shall remain intact. If a lost CFOne Card is found and used by any other person, all CANEX Rewards Points relating to purchases made by such other person will be deducted from the CANEX Rewards Member’s account. CANEX assumes no liability or responsibility for CANEX Rewards Points redeemed by any person(s) prior to the notification to the CANEX Rewards Administrator that the CFOne Card is lost. Any CANEX Rewards Points redeemed prior to notification shall be at the Member’s risk.

28. CANEX will not be liable or responsible in any manner for any tax consequences which may flow from any participation in the CANEX Rewards Program by any non-Canadian resident, and where permitted by CANEX, by any corporation, business, charity, partnership or enterprise.

29. From time to time, CANEX may advertise or present exclusive offers to select CANEX Rewards Members with respect to which they may redeem CANEX Rewards Points for items other than a discount reward, or receive other benefits or discounts.

30. CANEX Rewards Points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash. CANEX Rewards Points cannot be assigned, exchanged, purchased or given as a gift. CANEX Rewards Points cannot be sold, traded, bartered, rented or otherwise disposed of. CANEX Rewards Points are void if sold for cash or any other consideration.



31. CANEX/CFMWS shall maintain the privacy, security and integrity of all personal information collected from CFOne accounts/CANEX Rewards Members. Full details on the privacy of information can be found on our CANEX Privacy Policy page.

32. CANEX will not give, rent or sell its CANEX Rewards Member lists to any organization or individual. CANEX will allow limited and secured access to customer information by authorized entities under its strict supervision and/or which are contractually bound to maintain the confidentiality and security of the information solely for the purposes of assisting CANEX in processing customer information.

33. CANEX Rewards Members have the right to know what information is held in their CFOne Accounts/CANEX Rewards Member file and the right to question and request correction of any erroneous information. There will be no charge for a Member to gain access to their file. To access a Member’s file, an email request should be sent to Member Customer Service Centre at service@cfmws.com. All requests will be responded to within a reasonable time frame. If for any reason access to an account is not granted, the Member will be provided with a reason. CANEX will make all necessary and reasonable corrections to its CANEX Rewards Member files with all due diligence.

34. CANEX Rewards Member information is stored in CANEX’s/CFMWS’s confidential databases located in Ottawa, Ontario. Access to this information will be restricted only to authorized personnel of CANEX/CFMWS.

35. On occasion CANEX may communicate special offers, information and services to CANEX Rewards Members. Any Member who does not wish to receive these offers may indicate so on their enrolment form in the designated area. Alternatively, they may opt out at any time or advise the Member Customer Service Centre at service@cfmws.com or 1-877-441-6161 (toll-free).

36. CANEX hereby agrees to respect and observe the provisions set forth in The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (the “Act”) and any other applicable federal or provincial legislation. To the extent there is additional protection afforded to the CANEX Rewards Member pursuant to the Act or any other applicable legislation, and same is not set forth herein, CANEX agrees to take such measures to give full effect to such additional protection. For more information on how CANEX respects the privacy of your personal information, please see the CANEX/CFMWS Privacy Code at www.cfmws.com



37. The CANEX Rewards Program will terminate at 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2027 (the “Termination Date”).

38. CANEX reserves the right to extend the Program beyond the Termination Date, or terminate the Program at any time prior to the Termination Date, by providing 30 days’ notice in CANEX store flyers and notices posted in participating stores or online. If events beyond CANEX’s control materially affect CANEX’s ability to operate the CANEX Rewards Program, the Program may be suspended or terminated without notice.

39. CANEX may restrict, suspend or otherwise alter any aspect of the CANEX Rewards Program, without notice. Any material changes to these Terms and Conditions will be posted online and a copy of the Terms and Conditions will be made available at each participating store, upon request. The online version of the Terms and Conditions is the governing version. For the most current version of the CANEX Rewards Program Terms and Conditions please visit www.CANEX.ca.

40. The CANEX Rewards Member’s signature on the CFOne Registration Form or the completion of the online form and the acceptance of the terms and conditions online and/or first time usage of a CANEX Rewards Card to earn or redeem CANEX Rewards points constitutes agreement by the CANEX Rewards Member to all the Terms and Conditions of the CANEX Rewards Program.

41. Any abuse by a Member of the CANEX Rewards Program’s privileges, any failure by a Member to follow the Program’s rules, regulations, Terms and Conditions, or any misrepresentation by a Member may, at CANEX’s sole discretion, subject the Member to expulsion from the Program, including forfeiture of all accumulated CANEX Rewards Points.

42. Upon suspension or termination of the Program for any reason whatsoever, CANEX will have no liability therefore to any Member and is automatically released from all claims by CANEX Rewards Members in respect of such suspension, termination, forfeiture of CANEX Rewards Points, redemption of Points or otherwise in respect of such suspension or termination.

43. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information herein is correct. CANEX is not responsible for any errors or omissions.

44. Any waiver by CANEX of the strict observance, performance or compliance by a Member with any of the Terms and Conditions contained herein, either expressly granted or by course of conduct, shall be effective only in the specific instance and shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any rights or remedies of CANEX as a result of any other failure to observe, perform or comply with the Terms and Conditions. No delay or omission by CANEX in exercising any right or remedy hereunder shall operate as waiver thereof or of any other right or remedy.

45. By redeeming CANEX Rewards Points for rewards, the CANEX Rewards Member releases CANEX from any and all liability and claims regarding the redemption and use of the reward and any loss or damage caused by goods and services supplied as a reward.

46. Any reference herein to CANEX refers to Canadian Forces Exchange System.

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