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Volunteers’ Recognition Program

CANEX provides $100,000 to the Volunteers’ Recognition Program!

Every year, at Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Bases and Wings, numerous events are celebrated to recognize the many volunteers and the significance of their contributions to the CAF community.

From first aid training, computer programs, painting and sewing, to assisting with administrative tasks, manning front counters, running recreational activities (indoor games, arts and crafts), countless events and activities could not be undertaken without the unfailing and enthusiastic participation of volunteers. As stated by Col Dan Harris, Director of Military Family Services, during the 2016 Annual cheque presentation: “Volunteers are the backbone of the Canadian Armed Forces community development model that all Military Family Resource Centres (MFRC) adhere to”.

CANEX too understands this commitment and the time, talent, experience, effort and care that each volunteer has devoted to improving the lives and wellbeing of those who serve. By funding the Volunteers’ Recognition Program (VOREP), CANEX fulfills its mission to improve the lives of military families, a mission that it shares with MFRC and PSP. In the words of Larry Mohr, Senior VP Commercial Services, Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare services: “…it only makes sense for CANEX to fund the VOREP as we are all committed to helping the spouses and families of CAF members.”

Indeed, $100,000 in annual funds are dedicated to this program which seeks to celebrate the vocation of adult and youth volunteers in support of CAF members across Canada and abroad (US and Europe). As volunteers give to the CAF community, so too does CANEX give back to them… Through themed costume nights, Hawaiian Luaus, BBQs and Christmas luncheons to name a few, volunteers not only enjoy a fabulous meal, great entertainment and goodie bags, they also leave gratified, knowing they make a real difference in the lives of our CAF families and their local base…

The VOREP is a way for CANEX to acknowledge the vital role volunteerism plays within our CAF community. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to continue developing the existing relationships between CANEX, MFRC and PSP employees. By working together, we foster vibrant and healthy communities, and isn’t that the ultimate goal?



Picture of Colonel Dan Harris and Larry MohrPicture of Colonel Dan Harris and Larry Mohr

Volunteers’ Recognition Program video: https://vimeo.com/341546653/99e66adbce

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